Established in 1980, Land Marker (1980) HK. Co. Ltd. is one of the most established surveying consultant in Hong Kong and is awarded ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System by HKQAA. Land Marker provides a diverse range of high quality professional services including cadastral survey, topographic survey, engineering survey, geodetic survey, hydrographic survey, underground utility survey, professional expert witness and any services related to our disciplines.

With our teams of competent staff, Land Marker is dedicated to providing surveying services tailored to satisfy the needs and protect the rights of clients from different sectors. Over the years, Land Marker has been gaining good reputation and a growing customer network. Land Marker is exposed to innovation and is recently spreading its business to Mainland China, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa and Overseas Region.

標誌測量 (1980) 香港有限公司於一九八零年成立,是香港最歷史悠久的測量公司之一,並榮獲香港品質保證局頒授 ISO 9001:2015 質量管理體系認證。

自成立以來,本公司致力為顧客提供一系列針對性的測量服務,包括地籍測量、地形測量、工程測量、大地測量、水文測量、 地下管線 、專家證人及其他相關的專業服務,務求切合顧客的需求及保障顧客的利益。本公司不斷創新求變、與時並進、接受新的業界知識,本地顧客網絡日益擴大,並正向中國內地、澳門、星加坡、台灣、南非及海外拓展業務。
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